Value Compass

The Value Compass is a proprietary benchmarking algorithm. In collaboration with the Centre for Business and the Environment at Yale University, we defined the key pieces of business information that matter to investors.

The algorithm scores information provided through an easy-to-follow questionnaire to benchmark enterprises. It helps match investors and funders closer to their preferences. It also offers guidance into what is missing for entrepreneurs to become investor-ready.

What does it look like? This is the Value Compass scoring of a hypothetical start-up, less than 2 years old, set in Bahrain, that produces an innovative water technology, has raised equity finance before and is looking to raise between US$300’000-1’000’000.


The Investment Clinic

85% of start-ups fail. 75% fail because they didn't acheive investment, or because they didn't know HOW to achieve investment. We are here to change that.

The Investment Clinic is a service for entrepreneurs who need to prepare for investment, well and fast.

Portfolio Mapping (BETA)

A tool made for investors and service providers who are looking for multiple enterprises, Portfolio Mapping customizes the search by investment criteria or by the six dimensions of the Value Compass.

Financial and Impact Value Compass scoring is compared at all times, to offer insight into alignment of goals and potential trade-offs.

What does it look like? This is the example of a portfolio of 3 companies in the Waste sector. The blue bars show their aggregate Value Compass scores, the green dots plot their financial Value Compass scores and the black lines their Impact Value Compass scores. This offers insights as to the alignment between impact and financial goals.

Portfolio Search


Map your Portfolio



Tailored Services

Would you like to plug your crowdfunding, investment network, entrepreneur program or your service provision offering into The Ground_Up Project platform, for larger scale?

Are you looking for a portfolio of more than 10 companies? Are you interested in a market you’re not familiar with? Or a sector you haven’t experienced yet?

Would you like to replicate The Ground_Up Project platform for your own organization or initiative?

Drop us a note. We can make this work.